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Membangun Paket di lingkungan Pbuilder

sudo apt-get install devscripts build-essential fakeroot debhelper gnupg pbuilder pdebuild-cross dh-make dpkg-dev ubuntu-dev-tools qemu-user-static gnome-pkg-tools dh-autoreconf

Ubah konfigurasi sudo

Defaults env_reset menjadi Defaults env_reset,env_keep=”DIST ARCH” Tambahkan di konfigurasi sudo Cmnd_Alias PBUILDER = /usr/sbin/pbuilder, /usr/bin/pdebuild, /usr/bin/debuild- pbuilder

ALL=(ALL) SETENV: NOPASSWD: PBUILDER #### Berkas konfigurasi pbuilder sudo vim /etc/pbuilderrc # Codenames for Debian suites according to their alias. Update these when # needed. UNSTABLE_CODENAME="sid" TESTING_CODENAME="jessie" STABLE_CODENAME="wheezy" STABLE_BACKPORTS_SUITE="$STABLE_CODENAME-backports" DEBOOTSTRAPOPTS=('--keyring' '/usr/share/keyrings/blankon-archive-keyring.gpg') # List of Debian suites. DEBIAN_SUITES=($UNSTABLE_CODENAME $TESTING_CODENAME $STABLE_CODENAME "unstable" "testing" "stable") # List of Ubuntu suites. Update these when needed. BLANKON_SUITES=("experimental" "tambora" "suroboyo") # Mirrors to use. Update these to your preferred mirror. DEBIAN_MIRROR="" BLANKON_MIRROR="" # Optionally use the changelog of a package to determine the suite to use if # none set. if [ -z "${DIST}" ] && [ -r "debian/changelog" ]; then DIST=$(dpkg-parsechangelog | awk '/^Distribution: / {print $2}') DIST="${DIST%%-*}" # Use the unstable suite for certain suite values. if $(echo "experimental UNRELEASED" | grep -q $DIST); then DIST="$UNSTABLE_CODENAME" fi fi # Optionally set a default distribution if none is used. Note that you can set # your own default (i.e. ${DIST:="unstable"}). : ${DIST:="$(lsb_release --short --codename)"} # Optionally change Debian release states in $DIST to their names. case "$DIST" in unstable) DIST="$UNSTABLE_CODENAME" ;; testing) DIST="$TESTING_CODENAME" ;; stable) DIST="$STABLE_CODENAME" ;; esac # Optionally set the architecture to the host architecture if none set. Note # that you can set your own default (i.e. ${ARCH:="i386"}). : ${ARCH:="$(dpkg --print-architecture)"} NAME="$DIST" if [ -n "${ARCH}" ]; then NAME="$NAME-$ARCH" DEBOOTSTRAPOPTS=("--arch" "$ARCH" "${DEBOOTSTRAPOPTS[@]}") fi if [ "$ARCH" == "armel" ] && [ "$(dpkg --print-architecture)" != "armel" ]; then DEBOOTSTRAP="qemu-debootstrap" fi if [ "$ARCH" == "armhf" ] && [ "$(dpkg --print-architecture)" != "armhf" ]; then DEBOOTSTRAP="qemu-debootstrap" fi BASETGZ="/home/$USER/pbuilder/$NAME-base.tgz" DISTRIBUTION="$DIST" BUILDRESULT="/home/$USER/pbuilder/$NAME/result/" APTCACHE="/home/$USER/pbuilder/$NAME/aptcache/" BUILDPLACE="/home/$USER/pbuilder/build/" DEBBUILDOPTS="-I -i -j9" # Optionally set the CONCURRENCY_LEVEL to specifies the number of allowed # concurrent jobs for make while building the package. # Default is cores-1. : ${CCL:="$(grep -cE "^processor" /proc/cpuinfo)"} if [ "${CCL}" -eq "1" ]; then CONCURRENCY_LEVEL=${CCL} else CONCURRENCY_LEVEL=$((${CCL}-1)) fi # export the three variables export DIST export ARCH export CONCURRENCY_LEVEL #echo architecture: $ARCH #echo distribution: $DIST #echo used cpus: $CONCURRENCY_LEVEL # Option to pass to apt-get always. export APTGETOPT=(--force-yes) # Option to pass to aptitude always. export APTITUDEOPT=(--force-yes) # make debconf not interact with user export DEBIAN_FRONTEND="noninteractive" # SHELL variable is used inside pbuilder by commands like 'su'; and they need sane values #export SHELL=/bin/bash if $(echo ${DEBIAN_SUITES[@]} | grep -q $DIST); then # Debian configuration MIRRORSITE="http://$DEBIAN_MIRROR/debian/" COMPONENTS="main contrib non-free" DEBOOTSTRAPOPTS=("${DEBOOTSTRAPOPTS[@]}" "--keyring=/usr/share/keyrings/ debian-archive-keyring.gpg") elif $(echo ${BLANKON_SUITES[@]} | grep -q $DIST); then # BlankOn configuration MIRRORSITE="http://$BLANKON_MIRROR/blankon/" COMPONENTS="main extras restricted extras-restricted" DEBOOTSTRAPOPTS=("${DEBOOTSTRAPOPTS[@]}" "--keyring=/usr/share/keyrings/ blankon-archive-keyring.gpg") else echo "Unknown distribution: $DIST" exit 1 fi # info output echo "I: Used distribution is ${DIST}." echo "I: Build architecture is ${ARCH}." echo "I: Used cpus for building: ${CONCURRENCY_LEVEL}." #### Buat pbuilder base sudo DIST=tambora ARCH=amd64 pbuilder create atau armhf sudo DIST=tambora ARCH=armhf pbuilder create #### Update base sudo DIST=tambora ARCH=amd64 pbuilder update --override-config #### Bangun paket sudo DIST=tambora ARCH=amd64 pbuilder build nama-paket.dsc Last_modified 7 months ago Last modified on 10/08/2016 10:07:14 PM #### ---

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