Komponen BlankOn Standard

Silakan bergabung dalam pengembang BlankOn (​blankon-pemaket & ​blankon-artis) bila ingin menyunting halaman ini. Jika tidak ingin bergabung di pengembang BlankOn, Anda bisa letakkan komentar di bagian Wacana dan Diskusi di akhir dokumen ini. Indikator Status Mulai Masuk Bukan BlankOn Asli BlankOn Perlu Tidak Perlu Paket Ditinjau BlankOn Modifikasi Modifikasi Dikelola <#cccccc> <#ffff00> <#ff3300> <#6699cc> <#33ff00> <#00ffff> <#339900> Silakan kunjungi ​http://packages.ubuntu.com untuk mendapatkan informasi lengkap mengenai paket-paket yang ada di bawah ini.

BlankOn Standard Meta

Nama Paket Deskripsi Status Info at Delayed job execution and batch <#fdfa03> 210707 - processing cpio GNU cpio -- a program to manage <#fdfa03> 210707 - archives of files cron management of regular background <#fdfa03> 210707 - processing dmidecode Dump Desktop Management Interface data <#fdfa03> 210707 - dnsutils Clients provided with BIND <#fdfa03> 210707 - dosfstools Utilities to create and check MS-DOS <#fdfa03> 210707 - FAT filesystems dselect user tool to manage Debian packages <#fdfa03> 210707 - ed The classic unix line editor <#fdfa03> 210707 - fdutils Linux floppy utilities <#fdfa03> 210707 - file Determines file type using "magic" <#fdfa03> 210707 - numbers ftp The FTP client <#fdfa03> 210707 - hdparm tune hard disk parameters for high <#fdfa03> 210707 - performance info Standalone GNU Info documentation <#fdfa03> 210707 - browser inputattach utility to attach serial devices to <#fdfa03> 210707 - the input subsystem iptables administration tools for packet <#fdfa03> 210707 - filtering and NAT iputils-arping Tool to send ICMP echo requests to an <#fdfa03> 210707 - ARP address iputils-tracepath Tools to trace the network path to a <#fdfa03> 210707 - remote host logrotate Log rotation utility <#fdfa03> 210707 - lshw information about hardware <#fdfa03> 210707 - configuration lsof List open files <#fdfa03> 210707 - ltrace Tracks runtime library calls in <#fdfa03> 210707 - dynamically linked programs man-db The on-line manual pager <#fdfa03> 210707 - manpages Manual pages about using a GNU/Linux <#fdfa03> 210707 - system memtest86+ thorough real-mode memory tester <#fdfa03> 210707 - mime-support MIME files 'mime.types' & 'mailcap', <#fdfa03> 210707 - and support programs nano free Pico clone with some new features <#fdfa03> 210707 - parted The GNU Parted disk partition resizing <#fdfa03> 210707 - program popularity-contest Vote for your favourite packages <#fdfa03> 210707 - automatically ppp Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) daemon <#fdfa03> 210707 - pppconfig A text menu based utility for <#fdfa03> 210707 - configuring ppp pppoeconf configures PPPoE/ADSL connections <#fdfa03> 210707 - psmisc Utilities that use the proc filesystem <#fdfa03> 210707 - reiserfsprogs User-level tools for ReiserFS <#fdfa03> 210707 - filesystems rsync fast remote file copy program (like <#fdfa03> 210707 - rcp) strace A system call tracer <#fdfa03> 210707 - tcpdump A powerful tool for network monitoring <#fdfa03> 210707 - and data acquisition telnet The telnet client <#fdfa03> 210707 - time The GNU time program for measuring cpu <#fdfa03> 210707 - resource usage w3m WWW browsable pager with excellent <#fdfa03> 210707 - tables/frames support wget retrieves files from the web <#fdfa03> 210707 -

BlankOn Standard Recommended

Nama Paket Deskripsi Status Info apparmor-utils Utilities for controlling AppArmor <#fdfa03> 210707 - command-not-found Suggest installation of packages in <#fdfa03> 210707 - interactive bash sessions mtr-tiny Full screen ncurses traceroute tool <#fdfa03> 210707 - openssh-client Secure shell client, an rlogin/rsh/ <#fdfa03> 210707 - rcp replacement update-manager-core manage release upgrades <#fdfa03> 210707 -

Wacana dan Diskusi

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