Bibit Paket - Standard

Task-Section: user Task-Relevance: 8 Task-Description: Standard system Task-Extended-Description: This task installs a reasonably small character-mode system. Task-Test-new-install: install skip


Comfortable Unix System

  • at
  • cpio
  • cron
  • dselect # old-school package management (maybe move further out?)
  • ed
  • fdutils # needed for debian kernel
  • file
  • hdparm # speed up CD-ROM and disk access, used by installer
  • info
  • logrotate
  • man-db # ColinWatson
  • manpages # ColinWatson
  • mime-support # establishes framework for dealing with MIME
  • nano # we need a text editor less scary than vi
  • parted
  • psmisc # utilities for /proc such as killall, pstree, fuser
  • time


These are commonly used filesystem support packages, here because someone setting up a server would begin with standard, configure filesystems and network and then add other services. NFS is explicitly not here, because it brings in nasties like portmap, and because the network will need to be running before it can be used, so we may as well put that in Supported.

  • reiserfsprogs
  • dosfstools


These provide various networking services, all should be configured in a client-only state with the server de-activated unless the user requires it.

  • dnsutils # LaMontJones
  • ftp
  • iptables # FabioMassimoDiNitto
  • telnet
  • ppp
  • pppconfig
  • pppoeconf
  • (openssh-client) # ColinWatson
  • rsync # would be just client but they are the same binary apparently
  • w3m # we need some text-based html presenter
  • wget # FabioMassimoDiNitto

Debugging and Diagnostics

A base system should be a good platform for diagnostics about the hardware and network. In other words, after installing just the Base system one should have everything one might need to get the rest of the system up and running the way you want it. These are used for debugging problems or examining the system.

  • memtest86+
  • strace
  • dmidecode
  • lshw
  • lsof
  • ltrace

Helpful Tools

  • inputattach # needed for serial mice
  • (command-not-found)
  • (update-manager-core) # needed for server based release upgrades
  • (apparmor-utils) # controll AppArmor policies (pulls in policy parser as well)


  • iputils-arping # would have made my life easier at debconf
  • iputils-tracepath # more secure sort of traceroute, will put compatibility symblink in for traceroute users
  • (mtr-tiny) # LaMontJones
  • tcpdump


  • popularity-contest
  • ubuntu-standard # metapackage for everything here

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