Bibit Paket - ShipLive

The ship-live seed will be added to the live CD as an ordinary package archive. Here belongs anything that somebody might need to install after installing the contents of the live CD in order to get online and fetch more packages.


These packages are needed in order to build Ubuntu packages.

  • build-essential
  • fakeroot

Hardware & Network Access

  • pptp-linux # client for Microsoft-compatible VPN's, needed for some ISPs
  • sl-modem-daemon # needed for some Winmodems (see OutoftheboxWinmodem)
  • eagle-usb-utils # needed for some ADSL modems
  • bpalogin
  • ndiswrapper-utils [i386]
  • ndiswrapper-utils-1.9 [i386]
  • ipppd
  • isdnutils-xtools
  • capiutils
  • pppdcapiplugin
  • linux-wlan-ng
  • avm-fritz-firmware
  • drdsl
  • libatm1 # suggested by ppp for PPP-over-ATM
  • setserial # needed by folks with nonstandard serial ports
  • mouseemu # needed on Macs with single-button mice


  • oem-config-gtk


libavcodec cannot be shipped on CDs (c.f. Ubuntu technical board resolution 2007-01-02).

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