Bibit Paket - Live

Task-Per-Derivative: 1 Task-Section: user Task-Description: Ubuntu live CD Task-Extended-Description: This task provides the extra packages installed on the Ubuntu live CD. It is neither useful nor recommended to install this task in other environments. Task-Relevance: 2 Task-Key: ubiquity-frontend-gtk Task-Test-new-install: skip show

  • Languages: en
  • language-pack-${Languages}
  • language-pack-gnome-${Languages}
  • language-support-${Languages}
  • Languages: id
  • language-pack-${Languages} [i386]
  • language-pack-gnome-${Languages} [i386]
  • ntfsprogs
  • gparted

Ubiquity components

These packages make up the Ubiquity live installer.

  • ubiquity-frontend-gtk
  • ubiquity-ubuntu-artwork Ubiquity needs full filesystem support for the partitioner.
  • xfsprogs
  • jfsutils

Last modified on 06/16/2008 11:02:32 AM