source: tambora

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
accountsservice accountsservice,5   11 months mijortsa re-patch
apache2 apache2,14   2 years syaimif resize icon
appcenter appcenter,3   11 months aftian 0.1+r238+pkg39~daily~ubuntu0.4.1+blankon3
appstream appstream,9   5 months aftian 0.10.5-1blankon1
appstream-data appstream-data,4   11 months dotovr Add another components
appstream-data-2016.06.28 appstream-data-2016.06.28,2   11 months dotovr Relocated icon installations
apt apt,147   9 months aftian 1.3~rc4blankon1
arek-wm arek-wm,3   2 years mijortsa Edit Maintainer
aspell-id aspell-id,3   3 years guspur remove dm-uploads fields
atom atom,3   3 years dotovr New upstream release
audacious audacious,1   11 months syaimif Fixed ticket #116
audience audience,1   2 years dotovr First import
bamf bamf,7   19 months dotovr Rebuild
base-files base-files,104   5 months aftian 9.6blankon8
bash bash,19   3 years syaimif Merge with debian sid fixed CVE-2014-6271
bcmwl bcmwl,1   3 years azis.astrojim New upstream release
blankon-artwork blankon-artwork,30   3 years aftian 10.0-1
blankon-avatar blankon-avatar,31   11 months mijortsa Enabled Hotkey
blankon-branding blankon-branding,98   11 months syaimif fix svg
blankon-colour-palette blankon-colour-palette,3   3 years syaimif Initial Release
blankon-desktop blankon-desktop,330   5 months aftian 10.00.107
blankon-fontconfig blankon-fontconfig,10   3 years syaimif First upload to tambora
blankon-gksu-configuration blankon-gksu-configuration,3   8 months aftian 0.5
blankon-installer blankon-installer,189   5 months aftian 1.39-0blankon1
blankon-keyring blankon-keyring,17   9 months aftian 2016.09.04-4.1
blankon-locale-gen blankon-locale-gen,5   3 years aftian 2014.03.03:
blankon-locales blankon-locales,4   3 years aftian 0.4
blankon-meta-arm blankon-meta-arm,1   3 years dotovr Porting to armhf
blankon-minimal-desktop blankon-minimal-desktop,228   3 years dotovr Drop many packages
blankon-nvidia-hybrid blankon-nvidia-hybrid,4   11 months dotovr Add preinst script to unload nouveau driver
blankon-panduan blankon-panduan,36   5 months aftian 10.0.04
blankon-repository-setup blankon-repository-setup,6   10 months aftian 0.6
blankon-role-keyring blankon-role-keyring,13   9 months aftian 2016.08.31.1
blankon-screensaver blankon-screensaver,259   2 years dotovr tests
blankon-sessions-divert blankon-sessions-divert,1   10 months mijortsa New Release
blankon-settings-gtk-3.0 blankon-settings-gtk-3.0,15   8 months aftian 0.5.9
blankon-sounds blankon-sounds,19   3 years aftian 10.0-1
blankon-symlink blankon-symlink,1   2 years aftian Initial Commit
blankon-theme-greeter blankon-theme-greeter,1   11 months syaimif initial release
blankon-wallpaper current:   47 years anonymous
blankon-wallpapers blankon-wallpapers,38   2 months antosamalona fixed typo Boni_4.png in wallpapers
blankon-xecure-desktop blankon-xecure-desktop,284   12 months syaimif drop vinagre issue #77
blankon-zfs blankon-zfs,2   3 years aftian 7~wheezy+blankon2
blender blender,2   21 months dotovr Rebuild
brasero brasero,2   6 months aftian 3.12.1-4blankon1
broadcom-sta broadcom-sta,3   7 months aftian
bromo-theme bromo-theme,15   9 months mijortsa update manokwari.css
budgie-desktop budgie-desktop,2   10 months aftian 10.2.6-1blankon1
buku-panduan buku-panduan,36   5 months aftian 10.0.04
california california,3   6 months antosamalona add depends evolution-data-server
cbatticon cbatticon,16   7 months dotovr Disable parameter BAT in cbatticon.launch
cheese cheese,94   20 months dotovr Merge with Debian Experimental
chromium-browser chromium-browser,33   7 months aftian 53.0.2785.143-1blankon1
clutter-1.0 clutter-1.0,6   3 years dotovr Drop breaks libcogl15
clutter-gst-3.0 clutter-gst-3.0,1   2 years dotovr New upstream release
cmake-elementary cmake-elementary,1   11 months aftian 0.1.0-0~25~ubuntu0.4.1+blankon1
cogl cogl,19   3 years dotovr Merge with Debian Experimental
console-setup console-setup,1   2 years dotovr Rebuild
corebird corebird,4   7 months aftian 1.3.3-1blankon1
cryptsetup cryptsetup,1   6 months aftian 2:1.7.3-2blankon1
dbus dbus,1   21 months dotovr Merge with Debian Experimental
debhelper debhelper,4   7 months aftian 10.2.2blankon1
debootstrap debootstrap,52   9 months dotovr Fix script tambora
defoma defoma,3   12 months syaimif Rebuild
desktop-base desktop-base,4   2 years dotovr gsettings-override: adde icon-theme
devscripts devscripts,1   21 months dotovr Rebuild
dkms dkms,1   11 months dotovr Drop linux-* in recommends
doxygen doxygen,8   9 months dotovr Build support armhf
dpkg dpkg,9   7 months aftian 1.18.10blankon1
dukto dukto,2   3 years mijortsa Change Category
eog eog,99   7 months aftian 3.20.5-1blankon1
epiphany-browser epiphany-browser,2   2 years dotovr New upstream release
evince evince,23   11 months syaimif New upstream release
evolution evolution,41   2 years aftian update depends
evolution-data-server evolution-data-server,34   20 months dotovr Merge with Debian Experimental
fglrx-driver fglrx-driver,3   2 years dotovr Add abi version 19
fglrx-installer fglrx-installer,5   10 months aftian 2:15.201-0ubuntu2~15.10.2blankon4
fglrx-legacy-driver fglrx-legacy-driver,4   2 years dotovr Add support linux version
file-roller file-roller,1   11 months syaimif new upstream release
filezilla filezilla,1   21 months dotovr New upstream release
fingerprint-gui fingerprint-gui,1   3 years aftian 1.06-dfsg1-0blankon1
firefox firefox,26   10 months aftian 48.0-1blankon1
folks folks,8   2 years dotovr Rebuild
font-aurulent-sans font-aurulent-sans,8   20 months dotovr Rebuild
fontconfig-infinality fontconfig-infinality,1   10 months mijortsa Import from ubuntu
fonts-aurulent-sans fonts-aurulent-sans,8   12 months syaimif Rebuild
fonts-aurulent-sans-mono fonts-aurulent-sans-mono,7   12 months dotovr Rebuild
fonts-hermit fonts-hermit,3   3 years syaimif First upload to tambora
fonts-noto-sans fonts-noto-sans,4   8 months antosamalona Rebuild
freemind freemind,1   12 months dotovr Rebuild
gala gala,19   11 months aftian 0.3.0~r484+pkg32-blankon2
gcolor2 gcolor2,3   2 years dotovr Rebuild
gdebi gdebi,12   10 months aftian
gdk-pixbuf gdk-pixbuf,1   2 years dotovr New upstream release
gdm3 gdm3,15   20 months dotovr New upstream release
geary geary,4   2 years dotovr Change depends
gedit gedit,2   2 years dotovr New upstream release
gedit-plugins gedit-plugins,1   2 years dotovr New upstream release
gegl gegl,2   21 months dotovr Rebuild
geoblankon-peta geoblankon-peta,8   2 years mijortsa change zoom default
geoclue-2.0 geoclue-2.0,3   3 years ries 2.1.5-1blankon1
gimp gimp,7   8 months aftian 2.8.18-1blankon1
gjs gjs,95   2 years dotovr New upstream release
gkamus gkamus,10   5 months aftian 1.0-0.1ubuntu2+blankon1
gksu gksu,1   10 months aftian 2.0.2-9blankon1
glib2.0 glib2.0,12   20 months dotovr New upstream release
glib-networking glib-networking,3   2 years mijortsa rebuild
glx-alternatives glx-alternatives,1   10 months aftian glx-alternatives
gnome-background gnome-background,3   3 years syaimif New upstream release
gnome-bluetooth gnome-bluetooth,23   20 months dotovr New upstream release
gnome-boxes gnome-boxes,5   3 years ries new upstream release
gnome-builder gnome-builder,2   2 years dotovr Initial release
gnome-calculator gnome-calculator,9   20 months dotovr New upstream release
gnome-calendar gnome-calendar,1   11 months dotovr Fix crash on blankon
gnome-characters gnome-characters,1   2 years dotovr Initial import
gnome-clocks gnome-clocks,2   3 years ries 3.12.0-1blankon1
gnome-codec-install gnome-codec-install,4   10 months syaimif drop gnome-software in depend
gnome-contacts gnome-contacts,11   20 months dotovr Rebuild
gnome-control-center gnome-control-center,46   11 months dotovr Replace new logo OIX
gnome-desktop3 gnome-desktop3,33   20 months dotovr Fix soname
gnome-dictionary gnome-dictionary,1   20 months dotovr Merge with Debian Experimental
gnome-disk-utility gnome-disk-utility,5   3 years ries new upstream release
gnome-documents gnome-documents,25   2 years dotovr New upstream release'
gnome-font-viewer gnome-font-viewer,3   2 years mijortsa upstram release
gnome-icon-theme gnome-icon-theme,38   11 months aftian 3.12.0-2blankon3
gnome-icon-theme-symbolic gnome-icon-theme-symbolic,3   3 years ries 3.11.92-0blankon1
gnome-keyring gnome-keyring,14   10 months dotovr Rebuild
gnome-logs gnome-logs,1   2 years dotovr New upstream release
gnome-menus gnome-menus,1   2 years mijortsa Upstream release
gnome-music gnome-music,3   3 years ries new upstream release
gnome-online-accounts gnome-online-accounts,20   8 months aftian 3.20.2-1blankon2
gnome-packagekit gnome-packagekit,1   2 years dotovr New upstream release
gnome-photos gnome-photos,1   2 years dotovr New upstream release
gnome-pkg-tools gnome-pkg-tools,3   2 years dotovr Re-added dh-translation in depends
gnome-power-manager gnome-power-manager,4   3 years ries new upstream release
gnome-screensaver gnome-screensaver,15   17 months dotovr Rebuild
gnome-screenshot gnome-screenshot,5   2 years dotovr Fix screen blank after take screenshot
gnome-session gnome-session,166   10 months syaimif drop po-up
gnome-settings-daemon gnome-settings-daemon,36   10 months mijortsa remove include.binary
gnome-shell gnome-shell,17   10 months aftian 3.20.3-1blankon1
gnome-shell-extensions gnome-shell-extensions,1   2 years dotovr New upstream release
gnome-software gnome-software,1   12 months syaimif upload to tambora
gnome-system-monitor gnome-system-monitor,92   8 months aftian 3.20.1-1blankon1
gnome-terminal gnome-terminal,25   8 months mijortsa new upstream release
gnome-themes-standard gnome-themes-standard,2   20 months dotovr New upstream release
gnome-tweak-tool gnome-tweak-tool,7   3 years syaimif new upstream release
gnutls26 gnutls26,1   2 years dotovr Merge with Debian Experimental
gnutls28 gnutls28,2   17 months dotovr Rebuild
gobject-introspection gobject-introspection,4   20 months dotovr New upstream release'
gparted gparted,14   11 months syaimif Rebuild
granite granite,6   19 months dotovr Rebuild
grilo grilo,1   12 months syaimif New upstream release
grilo-plugins grilo-plugins,7   12 months syaimif modify control libgrilo v-0.3.0
grub grub,40   11 months syaimif solve #125
grub2 grub2,49   10 months dotovr Drop GRUB_BACKGROUND
grub2-splashimages grub2-splashimages,2   2 years syaimif upload to tambora
grub2-splasimages grub2-splasimages,2   2 years syaimif upload to tambora
gsetting-desktop-schemas gsetting-desktop-schemas,11   3 years mijortsa Patch button menu
gsettings-desktop-schemas gsettings-desktop-schemas,37   8 months aftian 3.20.0-3blankon13
gst-plugins-bad1.0 gst-plugins-bad1.0,3   11 months aftian 1.8.2-1blankon1
gstreamer0.10 gstreamer0.10,1   11 days achmad Rebuild Release for Uluwatu
gstreamer1.0 gstreamer1.0,2   2 years dotovr Add new symbols
gstreamer-1.0 gstreamer-1.0,2   2 years dotovr Add new symbols
gtk3-engines-unico gtk3-engines-unico,1   3 years mijortsa Upstream release
gtk%2B2.0 gtk%252B2.0,3   2 years dotovr Rebuild
gtk%2B3.0 gtk%252B3.0,7   20 months dotovr New upstream release
gtkmm3.0 gtkmm3.0,1   2 years dotovr New upstream release
gtksourceview3 gtksourceview3,4   2 years dotovr New upstream release
gvfs gvfs,8   2 years dotovr New upstream release
hangonman hangonman,24   3 years syaimif Release tambora
harfbuzz harfbuzz,1   7 months aftian harfbuzz
ign-sdk ign-sdk,2   3 years guspur icik-icik ign-sdk part3 & name packages corection
ignsdk ignsdk,3   3 years aftian Clean debian
imagemagick imagemagick,5   8 months aftian 8:
indicator-keylock indicator-keylock,1   7 months antosamalona New upstream release
indonesian-fonts indonesian-fonts,17   2 years mijortsa Upstream release
inkscape inkscape,19   22 months dotovr Rebuild
intel-microcode intel-microcode,1   11 months dotovr Disable autoupdate for initramfs
jack-audio-connection-kit jack-audio-connection-kit,1   21 months dotovr Rebuild
jackd2 jackd2,2   21 months dotovr Rebuild
kbbi-qt kbbi-qt,1   6 months antosamalona initial import release
komodo-icon-theme komodo-icon-theme,50   3 years mijortsa tambora
libaccounts-glib libaccounts-glib,1   2 years dotovr First import
libbsapi libbsapi,1   3 years aftian 4.3~rc1+build4.3.291+dfsg2-0blankon1
libcap2 libcap2,3   2 years dotovr Merge with Debian Unstable
libcmis libcmis,4   22 months dotovr Rebuild
libdrm libdrm,3   6 months aftian 2.4.74-1blankon1
libgdata libgdata,5   3 years aftian 0.14.1-2blankon2
libgee libgee,1   11 months dotovr Rebuild
libgphoto2 libgphoto2,1   2 years aftian 2.5.4-1.1+b3blankon1
libinput libinput,1   3 years dotovr First Upload to #BlankOn X Tambora
libmwaw libmwaw,2   2 years aftian 0.3.4-1blankon1
libnet-ssleay-perl libnet-ssleay-perl,1   17 months dotovr Rebuild
libphonenumber libphonenumber,2   22 months dotovr Rebuild
libreoffice libreoffice,55   7 months aftian 1:5.2.3~rc1-4blankon1
librsvg librsvg,2   2 years dotovr New upstream release
libsecret libsecret,1   3 years dotovr New upstream release
libsigc%2B%2B-2.0 libsigc%252B%252B-2.0,2   17 months dotovr Provides: libsigc++-2.0-0c2a
libsoup2.4 libsoup2.4,1   2 years dotovr New upstream release
libunity libunity,1   11 months aftian 6.12.0-1~experimental1blankon1
libwnck3 libwnck3,1   2 years dotovr Merge from Debian Experimental
lightdm lightdm,46   10 months aftian 1.18.2-2blankon2
lightdm-webkit-greeter lightdm-webkit-greeter,18   11 months syaimif change theme
linux linux,45   6 months b 4.6.4-1blankon3
linux-ntfs linux-ntfs,1   2 years mijortsa Upstream release
live-boot live-boot,1   2 years aftian 5.0~a3-1blankon1
live-config live-config,4   2 years aftian 5.0~a3-1blankon1
lvm2 lvm2,1   11 months dotovr New upstream release
maleo maleo,7   2 years dotovr Added section depends
manokwari manokwari,178   5 months aftian 1.0.13-0blankon1
manokwari-theme manokwari-theme,82   2 years mijortsa Rebuild
manokwari-theme-greeter manokwari-theme-greeter,40   11 months syaimif change size avatar
mesa mesa,1   6 months aftian v
metacity metacity,3   2 years dotovr Rebuild
micocode.ctl micocode.ctl,1   11 months syaimif remove depends
modemmanager modemmanager,18   11 months syaimif change version depends
mousetweaks mousetweaks,2   3 years ries new upstream release
mutter mutter,32   8 months mijortsa new upstream release
nautilus nautilus,23   8 months aftian 3.20
network-manager network-manager,9   2 years mijortsa rebuild
network-manager-applet network-manager-applet,16   8 months mijortsa Upstream release
neuron neuron,1   9 months aftian neuron
noise noise,2   2 years dotovr New upstream release
notification-daemon notification-daemon,17   3 years mijortsa disable autostart
notify-osd notify-osd,6   11 months mijortsa Upstream release
nss nss,2   10 months dotovr Add kominfo_root_ca.patch
ntfs-3g ntfs-3g,4   2 years mijortsa add back kfreebsd-any
nvidia-firmware nvidia-firmware,1   11 months dotovr Initial upload
opencv opencv,4   11 months aftian
openimageio openimageio,3   21 months dotovr Rebuild
p11-kit p11-kit,1   2 years mijortsa Upstream release
packagekit packagekit,2   11 months mijortsa 011_xecure_allow_update_system.diff
pango1.0 pango1.0,2   20 months dotovr New upstream release
pantheon-greeter pantheon-greeter,17   2 years mijortsa blankon_config_background.patch
pantheon-terminal pantheon-terminal,2   2 years dotovr quilt
pencil pencil,1   9 months dotovr New upstream release
perl perl,4   10 months aftian noceck
pidgin pidgin,19   12 months dotovr Rebuild
pidgin-libnotify pidgin-libnotify,1   17 months dotovr Rebuild for tambora
pkgbinarymangler pkgbinarymangler,2   2 years dotovr Import from ubuntu
plank plank,13   21 months dotovr Rebuild
plank-theme-pantheon plank-theme-pantheon,1   3 years mijortsa initial release
plymouth plymouth,3   3 years mijortsa new release tambora
plymouth-theme-blankon plymouth-theme-blankon,10   8 months aftian 0.10
policykit-1 policykit-1,3   2 years dotovr Fixed #1470
pygobject pygobject,2   2 years dotovr New upstream release
rutherford-scattering rutherford-scattering,1   9 months aftian rutherford-scattering
samba samba,14   11 months dotovr Fix rules
scim scim,7   10 months aftian 1.4.17-1blankon7
scim-blankon-configuration scim-blankon-configuration,4   10 months aftian 0.2
scim-tables scim-tables,1   22 months dotovr Rebuild
scim-tables-indonesian scim-tables-indonesian,26   11 months syaimif fix icon for systray
seed seed,3   2 years mijortsa Upstream release
session-migration session-migration,1   2 years aftian 0.2.2+blankon1
shutdowndialog shutdowndialog,13   3 years mijortsa tambora release
simplescreenrecorder simplescreenrecorder,1   5 months mhy Initial import
software-properties software-properties,1   10 months aftian software-properties
spl-linux spl-linux,2   3 years aftian 0.6.3-0blankon1
spl-linuz spl-linuz,1   3 years aftian initial impor
squashfs-tools squashfs-tools,3   11 months dotovr Update source from git
sudo sudo,3   9 months aftian 1.8.17p1-2blankon1
suroboyo-language-pack-ace suroboyo-language-pack-ace,4   2 years mijortsa Upstream release
svgcleaner svgcleaner,1   11 months dotovr First upload to BlankOn Tambora
systemd systemd,16   9 months aftian not native
taglib taglib,4   12 months syaimif drop conflict
tblankon-settings-gtk-3.0 tblankon-settings-gtk-3.0,12   11 months dotovr Change theme, icon and cursor
tebu-flat-icon-theme tebu-flat-icon-theme,9   9 months haris change version
tebu-icon-theme tebu-icon-theme,96   9 months haris change arch to all
tempel tempel,13   6 months antosamalona new upstream release
tokhtor-theme tokhtor-theme,1   2 years mijortsa New release
totem totem,7   2 years aftian 3.16.0-0blankon1
tp-wwan-hotkey tp-wwan-hotkey,2   3 years aftian remove source
tslib tslib,1   8 months aftian 1.0-11blankon1
tuxguitar-gpxplugin tuxguitar-gpxplugin,7   18 months haris adding to Tambora repository
tzdata tzdata,2   12 months dotovr Rebuild
udisks2 udisks2,6   11 months mijortsa blankon-udisks2-policy.patch
unetbootin unetbootin,2   10 months mijortsa Upstream release
update-manager update-manager,9   7 months mhy Fix profil distro
upower upower,6   2 years mijortsa Upstream release
usb-modeswitch-data usb-modeswitch-data,1   10 months aftian 20160803-1blankon1
vala-0.18 vala-0.18,1   3 years dotovr Upload for tambora
vala-0.24 vala-0.24,1   3 years dotovr New upstream release
vala-0.26 vala-0.26,1   3 years dotovr New upstream release
vala-0.28 vala-0.28,1   2 years dotovr New upstream release
vinagre vinagre,1   12 months dotovr New upstream release
virtualgl virtualgl,2   11 months dotovr Change depends libturbojpeg to libturbojpeg0
vlc vlc,14   6 months aftian 2.2.4-8blankon1
volumeicon volumeicon,19   11 months dotovr Update from git
vte2.91 vte2.91,1   2 years dotovr New upstream release
vte3 vte3,7   3 years dotovr New upstream release
w32codecs w32codecs,3   3 years mijortsa Upload to tambora
webkit webkit,1   12 months syaimif new upstream release
webkit2gtk webkit2gtk,3   2 years dotovr Rebuild
webkitgtk webkitgtk,1   3 years pemdes 2.4.0-1blankon2
windyty windyty,3   9 months dotovr Initial commit
xfce4-power-manager xfce4-power-manager,3   3 years mijortsa 99_blankon-battery-applet.patch
xorg xorg,1   20 months dotovr Merge with Debian Experimental
xorg-server xorg-server,6   20 months dotovr Merge with Debian Experimental
xserver-xorg-input-synaptics xserver-xorg-input-synaptics,33   11 months mijortsa 70-synaptics.conf
zacalc zacalc,20   3 years syaimif release tambora
zfs-linux zfs-linux,2   3 years aftian 0.6.3-0blankon1
zfs-linuz zfs-linuz,1   3 years aftian initial commit

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