source: rote

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
accountsservice accountsservice,1   5 years aftian 0.6.18-3blankon1
adduser adduser,1   5 years pri_yess initial release
alfanous alfanous,1   5 years aftian initial impor
apache2 apache2,5   4 years aftian 2.2.22-13blankon1
apt apt,105   5 years aftian
apt-setup apt-setup,68   5 years aftian 1:0.56blankon1
aptitude aptitude,1   5 years aftian 0.6.6-1blankon1
ardour3 ardour3,2   5 years aftian 3.0.0~svn13084-0blankon1
asterisk-chan-dongle asterisk-chan-dongle,7   5 years Aji Kisworo Mukti <adzy dh_install
audacious audacious,11   4 years aftian 3.2.4-1blankon1
audacious-plugins audacious-plugins,4   4 years aftian upload
base-files base-files,67   5 years aftian 6.7blankon6
bash bash,21   2 years syaimif changes versi 0.8.1
bbswitch bbswitch,3   5 years aftian 0.4.2-2blankon1aa
bcmwl bcmwl,1   5 years aftian
blankon-artwork blankon-artwork,29   5 years change debian/rules
blankon-branding blankon-branding,80   4 years aris 1.2.44
blankon-contextual-desktop blankon-contextual-desktop,31   5 years rebuild rote
blankon-default-applications blankon-default-applications,1   4 years aris 0.1
blankon-default-font-configuration blankon-default-font-configuration,8   5 years azis.astrojim added to rote
blankon-desktop blankon-desktop,123   4 years aftian added ntp
blankon-desktop-meta blankon-desktop-meta,47   5 years ul2albab import to rote
blankon-docs blankon-docs,25   5 years aftian rebuild for rotte
blankon-example-content blankon-example-content,59   5 years azis.astrojim Import to Rote
blankon-extra-desktop blankon-extra-desktop,14   5 years azis.astrojim initial release
blankon-extra-dvd blankon-extra-dvd,4   5 years aftian 0.0.6
blankon-fontconfig blankon-fontconfig,7   5 years mdamt Released as 0.4
blankon-gksu-configuration blankon-gksu-configuration,1   5 years rebuild rote
blankon-icon-theme blankon-icon-theme,13   5 years aftian 0.1.7
blankon-image-syslinux blankon-image-syslinux,5   5 years aftian 0.3
blankon-installer blankon-installer,17   5 years aftian 0.1.21
blankon-keyring blankon-keyring,1   5 years pri_yess import from pattimura
blankon-language-pack-bms blankon-language-pack-bms,5   5 years dotovr debian/post* change bms_ID to bms
blankon-language-pack-id blankon-language-pack-id,16   5 years aftian localdir
blankon-live-config-temporary-fix blankon-live-config-temporary-fix,1   5 years aftian 0.1
blankon-locales blankon-locales,2   5 years aftian /var/lib/locales/supported.d/
blankon-menus blankon-menus,1   5 years aftian initial release
blankon-meta blankon-meta,233   5 years aftian 8.00.65
blankon-metacity-configuration blankon-metacity-configuration,3   5 years rebuild rote
blankon-multimedia-desktop blankon-multimedia-desktop,5   5 years mijortsa remove songwrite
blankon-multimedia-meta blankon-multimedia-meta,19   5 years rebuild rote
blankon-panel blankon-panel,48   5 years Aji Kisworo Mukti <adzy Changes: remove synapse from depends.
blankon-repository-setup blankon-repository-setup,2   5 years aftian 0.2
blankon-sajadah-desktop blankon-sajadah-desktop,32   4 years aftian 8.00.45
blankon-sajadah-meta blankon-sajadah-meta,52   5 years ul2albab New upstream realese
blankon-sajadah-wallpapers blankon-sajadah-wallpapers,8   5 years mijortsa divert rote.xml
blankon-screensaver blankon-screensaver,7   5 years rebuild rote
blankon-session blankon-session,18   5 years aftian 0.0.10
blankon-settings-gtk-3.0 blankon-settings-gtk-3.0,5   4 years mijortsa Komodo only
blankon-sounds blankon-sounds,18   4 years aftian blankon-desktop
blankon-tutorial blankon-tutorial,16   5 years aftian 8.7
blankon-tweak blankon-tweak,30   5 years aftian ssstt..
blankon-wallpapers blankon-wallpapers,6   5 years mijortsa add 17-agustus
blankon.pattimura.base blankon.pattimura.base,64   6 years aftian udpate
blankon.rote blankon.rote,294   5 years aftian update
blankon.rote.base blankon.rote.base,74   5 years aftian update kernel
blender blender,1   4 years aftian 2.68a-4blankon1+rote1
blumblebee blumblebee,2   5 years aftian 3.0.1-1blankon2
boot-repair boot-repair,5   5 years yudha latihan4
brasero brasero,7   4 years aftian 3.4.1-4blankon1
bumblebee bumblebee,1   5 years aftian 3.0-2blankon1
busybox busybox,1   5 years aftian 1:1.19.3-1blankon1
calligra calligra,1   5 years aftian 1:2.3.92-0blankon1
casper casper,79   5 years aftian 1.288blankon3
cdebconf-blankon cdebconf-blankon,5   5 years aftian 0.3.1
cdebconf-blankon-entropy cdebconf-blankon-entropy,3   5 years aftian new upstream update
checkbox checkbox,8   5 years pri_yess update upstream
cheese cheese,22   5 years ul2albab new import to codename rote
chmsee chmsee,5   5 years aftian gtk3
chromium-browser chromium-browser,7   4 years aftian 26.0.1410.43-1blankon1
cifs-utils cifs-utils,1   4 years aftian cifs-utils
cinnamon cinnamon,2   5 years aftian 1.4.0-0blankon1
clutter-1.0 clutter-1.0,3   5 years aftian 1.10.4-3blankon3
cnijfilter-common-3.50 cnijfilter-common-3.50,1   5 years aftian initial impor
cogl cogl,1   5 years aftian 1.10.2-3blankon1
colord colord,1   5 years aftian initial release
compiz compiz,247   5 years aftian remove gnomecompat
compizconfig-settings-manager compizconfig-settings-manager,3   5 years pri_yess remove locale
console-setup console-setup,25   5 years aftian remove console-terminus
contractor contractor,50   4 years mijortsa 0.2+r49-0blankon1
daluang daluang,23   5 years aftian 0.3.1~svn20090423-0blankon2
daluang-data-bug daluang-data-bug,3   5 years yoza rote rebuild + new data
daluang-data-id daluang-data-id,9   5 years yoza new data
daluang-data-jv daluang-data-jv,8   5 years yoza new data
daluang-data-su daluang-data-su,10   5 years yoza new data
db db,3   5 years dotovr 5.1.29-5blankon2
debconf debconf,7   5 years pri_yess upstream update
debootstrap debootstrap,38   4 years aftian BlankOn
deepin-software-center current:   47 years anonymous
desktop-base desktop-base,4   5 years aftian 6.0.7blankon3
devscripts devscripts,1   5 years aftian 2.11.1blankon1
dpkg dpkg,3   5 years pri_yess update upstream
eidete eidete,50   4 years mijortsa 0.1~r140-0blankon1
elforkane elforkane,2   5 years mijortsa repackage
elkirtasse elkirtasse,42   5 years mijortsa directorys
elkitrasse elkitrasse,41   5 years mijortsa initial release
eog eog,10   5 years aftian 3.4.1-2blankon1
evince evince,13   4 years aftian 3.4.0-3.1blankon1
evoluspencil evoluspencil,4   4 years dotovr 2.0.4blankon3
evolution evolution,1   4 years aftian 3.4.4-1blankon1
exaile exaile,22   5 years ul2albab import to rote
extremetuxracer extremetuxracer,2   4 years dotovr Fix tiket #1188
file-roller file-roller,9   5 years pri_yess fix package
firefox firefox,15   5 years aftian 14.0~b10+build1-0ubuntu1+blankon1aa
flashplugin-nonfree flashplugin-nonfree,1   4 years dotovr 1:3.2.1blankon1
folder-islami folder-islami,12   5 years mijortsa Initial Release
gbilling-client gbilling-client,4   5 years azis.astrojim New Upstream Release
gbilling-clients gbilling-clients,5   5 years azis.astrojim New Upstream Release
gbilling-server gbilling-server,5   5 years azis.astrojim New Upstream Release
gcalctool gcalctool,8   5 years pri_yess update upstream
gcolor2 gcolor2,1   4 years dotovr 0.4-2.1+blankon0.1
gdebi gdebi,6   4 years pri_yess fix id.po
geary geary,1   5 years aftian 0.1.0-0blankon1
gedit gedit,8   5 years aftian 3.4.1-2blankon1ab
gfxboot-themes-blankon gfxboot-themes-blankon,8   5 years azis.astrojim change blankon to rote
gimp gimp,6   4 years aftian 2.8.2-2blankon1
gimp-gelbar gimp-gelbar,3   5 years yoza Rebuild for Rote
gkamus gkamus,9   5 years udienz don't install TODO, and use dh_installdocs instead of dh_install
gksu gksu,2   5 years aftian initial impor
gnome-bluetooth gnome-bluetooth,3   5 years dotovr 3.4.2-1blankon1
gnome-control-center gnome-control-center,65   4 years mijortsa 1:3.4.2+git20121016.29d7c0-1blankon1
gnome-disk-utility gnome-disk-utility,1   5 years dotovr fix menu
gnome-icon-theme gnome-icon-theme,25   5 years aftian 3.4.0-2blankon1a
gnome-menus gnome-menus,10   5 years dotovr 3.4.2-3blankon1
gnome-nettool gnome-nettool,3   5 years pri_yess update upstream
gnome-pie gnome-pie,2   5 years azis.astrojim import to debian base
gnome-power-manager gnome-power-manager,5   5 years dotovr 3.4.0-2blankon1
gnome-screensaver gnome-screensaver,5   5 years dotovr 3.4.1-1blankon4
gnome-session gnome-session,125   4 years supriyadi fix debian control*
gnome-settings-daemon gnome-settings-daemon,11   4 years dotovr rote'
gnome-system-monitor gnome-system-monitor,83   5 years ul2albab new upstream realese
gnome-themes-standard gnome-themes-standard,1   5 years aftian 3.2.1-2blankon1
gnucash gnucash,1   4 years aftian 1:2.4.10-6blankon1
gparted gparted,2   5 years aftian 0.11.0-2blankon1
granite granite,51   4 years mijortsa 0.2.0~r511-0blankon1
grub2 grub2,6   5 years dotovr 1.99-22.1blankon1
gsettings-desktop-schemas gsettings-desktop-schemas,9   4 years mijortsa replace icon Komodo
gst-plugins-bad0.10 gst-plugins-bad0.10,11   5 years ul2albab new upstream realese
gst-plugins-bad1.0 gst-plugins-bad1.0,48   4 years mijortsa 1.0.4-1blankon1
gst-plugins-base1.0 gst-plugins-base1.0,48   4 years mijortsa 1.0.4-1blankon1
gst-plugins-good1.0 gst-plugins-good1.0,47   4 years mijortsa 1.0.4-1blankon1
gst-plugins-ugly0.10 gst-plugins-ugly0.10,6   5 years ul2albab new upstream realese
gst-plugins-ugly1.0 gst-plugins-ugly1.0,46   4 years mijortsa 1.0.4-1blankon1
gstreamer gstreamer,45   4 years mijortsa Upstream release
gstreamer1.0 gstreamer1.0,45   4 years mijortsa Upstream release
gtablix gtablix,3   4 years aftian #1227
gtk2-engines-equinox gtk2-engines-equinox,4   5 years aftian 1.1-0blankon3a
gtk2-engines-murrine gtk2-engines-murrine,27   5 years mijortsa remove recomends
hadis-web hadis-web,11   5 years mijortsa remove directory utility
hijra hijra,9   5 years ul2albab new upstream to blankon sajadah
ia32-libs ia32-libs,2   4 years aftian 1:0.4blankon1
icedove icedove,2   4 years dotovr 10.0.9-1blankon1
ifupdown ifupdown,1   5 years aftian 0.7~rc2+blankon1
indonesia-screensaver indonesia-screensaver,2   5 years azis.astrojim import to rote
indonesian-fonts indonesian-fonts,16   5 years azis.astrojim Changes to BlankOn Rote
initramfs-tools initramfs-tools,3   5 years aftian restore to debian
inkscape inkscape,17   4 years aftian 0.48.4-0.1blankon1
islamic-date islamic-date,1   5 years aftian 0.1.2-1blankon1
islamic-menus islamic-menus,2   5 years ul2albab new islamic menus
jockey jockey,5   4 years dotovr 0.9.7-0ubuntu7.1+blankon3
kazam kazam,5   4 years azis.astrojim 1.3.4
kbd kbd,22   5 years ul2albab initial release
kerneloops kerneloops,1   5 years aftian initial impor
komodo-icon-theme komodo-icon-theme,33   4 years mijortsa 0.2.21+rote
krawu-theme krawu-theme,41   4 years mijortsa remove granite
language-selector language-selector,1   5 years aftian 0.79blankon1
language-support-id language-support-id,1   5 years aftian upload to rote
language-support-writing-id language-support-writing-id,1   5 years aftian language-support-writing-id
ldm-blankon-theme ldm-blankon-theme,2   4 years mijortsa rote-updatea
less less,17   5 years ul2albab Import from debian
libcap2 libcap2,1   5 years aftian 1:2.22-1.2blankon1
libept libept,2   5 years aftian
libgnome libgnome,1   5 years aftian 2.32.1-2blankon1
libjpeg-turbo libjpeg-turbo,1   5 years aftian 1.1.90+svn733-0ubuntu6+blankon1
libreoffice libreoffice,6   4 years aftian New upstream updates 3.5.4+dfsg-4
libtext-charwidth-perl libtext-charwidth-perl,1   5 years aftian libtext-charwidth-perl
libtimezonemap libtimezonemap,1   5 years aftian 0.2blankon1
libuuid-perl libuuid-perl,1   5 years aftian 0.02-4blankon1
libwacom libwacom,77   4 years azis.astrojim add rote-updates
lightdm lightdm,77   4 years dotovr fix maitainer
lightdm-webkit-greeter lightdm-webkit-greeter,63   5 years rebuild rote
linux-meta linux-meta,19   5 years aftian 3.0.7-1
live-boot live-boot,3   5 years aftian 3.0~a25-1blankon1
live-config live-config,7   5 years aftian 3.0.0-1blankon1
localechooser localechooser,1   5 years aftian 2.38ubuntu1+blankon1
londe-icon-theme londe-icon-theme,13   5 years azis.astrojim replace distributor-logo blankon OI
lsb lsb,2   5 years aftian 3.2-28blankon2
lshw lshw,2   4 years dotovr 02.16-1blankon0.1
ltsp ltsp,1   4 years dotovr Added patch 101-blankon.patch
manokwari manokwari,31   4 years dotovr Fix time display in menus.
manokwari-theme-greeter manokwari-theme-greeter,13   3 years azis.astrojim suroboyo greeter
manpages manpages,1   4 years aftian 3.42-1blankon1
metacity metacity,27   5 years aftian 1:2.34.3-3blankon1
migration-assistant migration-assistant,1   5 years aftian 0.6.10blankon1
minbar minbar,16   5 years aftian 0.2.1-7blankon1
minbar-data-blankon minbar-data-blankon,4   5 years azis.astrojim change to blankon rote
minidlna minidlna,53   4 years mijortsa 1.0.25-1blankon1
minildna minildna,54   4 years mijortsa 1.0.25-1blankon1
mobile-broadband-provider-info mobile-broadband-provider-info,26   5 years azis.astrojim patch provider broadband
modemmanager modemmanager,11   4 years mijortsa upstream release
monajat monajat,13   5 years tuyul add 99_hide_accessories.patch
muffin muffin,1   5 years aftian 1.0.3
nautilus nautilus,6   5 years dotovr fixed #1024
nawala nawala,9   5 years aftian 0.7
network-manager network-manager,12   5 years pri_yess update upstream
network-manager-applet network-manager-applet,2   5 years aftian
network-manager-gnome network-manager-gnome,1   5 years aftian network-manager-gnome
nginx nginx,1   4 years aftian 1.2.1-2.2blankon1
nitroshare nitroshare,8   4 years mijortsa added to blankon
node-semver node-semver,1   4 years aftian 1.0.13-2blankon1
noor noor,4   5 years azis.astrojim import to rote
notify-osd notify-osd,4   5 years dotovr 0.9.34-2blankon2
npm npm,1   4 years aftian 1.1.4~dfsg-2blankon1
ntp ntp,2   4 years aftian Initial impor
ombilin-theme ombilin-theme,24   5 years aftian 0.15
openssl openssl,1   3 years aftian openssl
osdlyrics osdlyrics,14   4 years mijortsa initial release
otf-thabit otf-thabit,4   5 years aftian 0.02-1blankon3
othman othman,4   5 years mijortsa Othman.dektop_blankon.patch
parted parted,1   5 years aftian 2.3-9.1blankon1
partman-auto-loop partman-auto-loop,1   5 years aftian 0ubuntu20+blankon1
perl perl,1   5 years aftian 5.15.4-0blankon1
pidgin pidgin,8   3 years aftian 2.10.8-1blankon8.0
pidgin-libnotify pidgin-libnotify,29   5 years aftian remove indicator from recommends
pkgbinarymangler pkgbinarymangler,1   5 years aftian initial impor
planner planner,1   4 years aftian 0.14.6-1blankon1
printing-metas printing-metas,1   5 years aftian 1
pulseaudio pulseaudio,44   5 years aftian 1:1.1-0ubuntu1+blankon1
pysdm pysdm,12   5 years mijortsa Update version
python-apt python-apt,89   4 years dotovr 0.8.8blankon1.2
python-cups python-cups,54   4 years mijortsa upstream release
python-defaults python-defaults,1   5 years aftian initial impor
qioo qioo,4   5 years azis.astrojim import to debian base
rootskel-blankon rootskel-blankon,2   5 years mdamt Sync from upstream
rootskel-gtk rootskel-gtk,2   5 years mdamt Sync from upstream
rote-contextual-desktop-theme rote-contextual-desktop-theme,43   5 years udienz debian/control: Add krawu-theme as Depends. (Bug: #1021)
rote-desktopcouch rote-desktopcouch,5   5 years azis.astrojim added to rote
rote-language-pack-bms rote-language-pack-bms,25   5 years samsul Update translation blankon-installer and manokwari
rote-language-pack-extras-id rote-language-pack-extras-id,7   5 years azis.astrojim added to rote
rote-language-pack-id rote-language-pack-id,92   4 years aftian 0.4.22
rote-language-pack-jv-latin rote-language-pack-jv-latin,16   5 years kridagoen added some file *.po
rote-plymouth-theme rote-plymouth-theme,13   5 years ul2albab rote-plymouth-theme
sajadah-plymouth-theme sajadah-plymouth-theme,14   5 years tuyul.det new upstream
sasando-theme sasando-theme,33   5 years mijortsa initial release
scim scim,4   5 years aftian 1.4.9-7blankon4
scim-tables-indonesian scim-tables-indonesian,22   5 years mijortsa black icon
scratch scratch,2   4 years aris
screensaver-bendera-indonesia screensaver-bendera-indonesia,3   5 years rebuild rote
shadow shadow,7   5 years aftian 1:4.1.5-1blankon3
simple-scan simple-scan,42   5 years aftian 3.4.1-1
software-center software-center,4   5 years dotovr fix distro name
software-properties software-properties,3   5 years dotovr
sqlheavy sqlheavy,1   5 years aftian 1
stardict stardict,7   5 years ul2albab import to rote
stardict-kbbi stardict-kbbi,8   5 years ul2albab import to rote
stardict-ltis-id-su-id stardict-ltis-id-su-id,4   5 years ul2albab new upstream realese
stardict-quick-indonesian-dansk-indonesian stardict-quick-indonesian-dansk-indonesian,3   5 years azis.astrojim Initial Release
stardict-quick-indonesian-english-indonesian stardict-quick-indonesian-english-indonesian,8   5 years ul2albab new upstream realese
stardict-quick-indonesian-swensk-indonesian stardict-quick-indonesian-swensk-indonesian,3   5 years azis.astrojim Initial Release
stardict-quick-nusantarakata stardict-quick-nusantarakata,13   5 years dotovr 2.5.0-0blankon4
stardict-tbipb1 stardict-tbipb1,6   5 years ul2albab new upstream realese
stellarium stellarium,3   5 years ul2albab new upstream realese
sudo sudo,1   5 years aftian initial impor
synapse synapse,3   5 years ul2albab new upstream realese
synaptic synaptic,18   5 years dotovr 0.75.13blankon1
system-config-printer system-config-printer,23   5 years ul2albab New Upstream release
sysvinit sysvinit,2   5 years aftian update
thawab thawab,6   5 years ul2albab new upstream package blankon sajadah
totem totem,21   5 years aftian 3.2.1-2blankon2
ttf-blankon-ombilin ttf-blankon-ombilin,11   5 years azis.astrojim added to rote
ttf-cantarell ttf-cantarell,5   5 years mdamt Released as 0.0.8
ttf-inconsolata ttf-inconsolata,3   5 years pri_yess export to main
ttf-me-quran ttf-me-quran,2   5 years azis.astrojim Initial Release
tuxtype tuxtype,7   5 years ul2albab new upstream realese
ubiquity ubiquity,429   5 years aftian 2.9.2blankon3
udev udev,1   5 years aftian initial impor
update-manager update-manager,2   5 years dotovr Fixed Implementation BlankOn
update-notifier update-notifier,1   5 years dotovr 0.99.3debian10blankon1
upstart upstart,18   5 years ul2albab migration to debian
virtualbox virtualbox,1   5 years aftian 4.1.12-dfsg-2blankon1
virtualgl virtualgl,1   5 years aftian 2.3.1-2blankon1
w32codecs w32codecs,1   5 years aftian initial impor
w64codecs w64codecs,2   5 years azis.astrojim Initial Import
wireless-crda wireless-crda,12   5 years aftian maintainer
wvdial wvdial,11   5 years azis.astrojim initial release
x-kit x-kit,10   5 years dotovr first upload
xchm xchm,66   5 years mijortsa xchm.desktop icon
xorg xorg,1   5 years aftian 1:7.7+1blankon1
xserver-xorg-video-intel xserver-xorg-video-intel,2   4 years dotovr BlankOn: fix tiket #1165
yelp yelp,49   5 years aftian new upstream release
zacalc zacalc,14   4 years mijortsa
zeitgeist-datahub zeitgeist-datahub,40   5 years ul2albab new upstream to codename rote
zekr zekr,16   4 years mijortsa zekr.desktop
zekr-quran-recitation-ghamdi zekr-quran-recitation-ghamdi,7   5 years aftian 0.7.5-0blankon5
zekr-quran-recitation-husary zekr-quran-recitation-husary,7   5 years aftian 0.7.5-0blankon2
zekr-quran-recitation-sudais zekr-quran-recitation-sudais,7   5 years aftian 0.7.5-0blankon5
zekr-quran-translation-id-depag zekr-quran-translation-id-depag,5   5 years azis.astrojim changes to blankon rote
zekr-quran-translation-id-muntakhab zekr-quran-translation-id-muntakhab,6   5 years azis.astrojim change to blankon rote

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