source: riset

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
blankon-branding blankon-branding,2   6 years fajran Add .bzrignore
blankon-debootstrap-scripts blankon-debootstrap-scripts,4   7 years mdamt Pattimura
boiauth boiauth,30   6 years somat Change: Update admin contact, avoid undelivered message logs
boiauth.somat boiauth.somat,20   7 years somat Cleaning the code
ctxdesktop ctxdesktop,9   8 years mdamt Renamed plugins/ to plugins/
daftar-terjemahan daftar-terjemahan,2   7 years Rahman Yusri Aftian <aftian apliasi
devboiauth devboiauth,1   8 years mdamt auth ke dev.boi
gtk2-engines-rawon gtk2-engines-rawon,20   8 years akhmat.safrudin Added Build-Deppends automake1.9, Rilis untuk nanggar
gtk2-engines-rawon--mau-dihapus gtk2-engines-rawon--mau-dihapus,17   9 years mdamt Draw inverted tabs when profile is RAWON
iang-py-blankon-contextual-desktop iang-py-blankon-contextual-desktop,31   7 years iang Now plugins have to register themselves
irgsh-node irgsh-node,9   7 years mdamt Upload log always
irgsh_web irgsh_web,1   8 years somat Initial commit
nanggar-branding nanggar-branding,1   8 years akhmat.safrudin Rilis Awal, Branging GIMP dan OpenOffice?
ombilin-builder-configurations ombilin-builder-configurations,5   7 years mdamt Pattimrua
pabrik-paket pabrik-paket,1   7 years mdamt Initial commit
pattimura-builder-configurations pattimura-builder-configurations,6   7 years aftian fqdn to arsip-dev
python-irgsh python-irgsh,25   7 years mdamt Don't check the directory name for a package
python-irgsh-obsolete python-irgsh-obsolete,14   8 years mdamt Added more manager stuff
reprepro reprepro,3   6 years a Tell reprepro to NOT reduce the content of debian/control
srimubil-upstream-seed srimubil-upstream-seed,1   7 years somat Initial commit
tempel-blankon tempel-blankon,71   7 years iang Salin berkas template dan media dari kode yang dipakai di …
tempel-github-mirror tempel-github-mirror,68   7 years fajran Add Readme
warsi warsi,24   6 years adzy nyelesain buildonpackage
warsito warsito,3   6 years adzy nyelesain buildonpackage
web-interfaces web-interfaces,36   7 years mdamt More descriptive error messages

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