source: lontara

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
apt apt,24   9 years fajran Update upstream version to 0.7.9ubuntu17
base-files base-files,16   9 years fajran changelog.ubuntu
blankfox blankfox,49   9 years fajran merge
blankon-artwork blankon-artwork,6   9 years muhammad.takdir debian/control : mengubah semua kata konde menjadi lontara
blankon-docs blankon-docs,9   9 years fajran Perbaiki changelog
blankon-example-content blankon-example-content,15   9 years hakim modif lontara
blankon-meta blankon-meta,35   9 years mdamt UPdate
blankon-mozilla-firefox-locale-all blankon-mozilla-firefox-locale-all,7   9 years fajran Paket untuk firefox 3.0.1
blankon-ubiquity-artwork blankon-ubiquity-artwork,1   9 years mdamt Initial version
blankon.lontara blankon.lontara,31   9 years mdamt Hapus fonta cjk dan thai
blankon.lontara.base blankon.lontara.base,3   9 years mdamt Hilangkan fonta non latin
bug-buddy bug-buddy,8   9 years muhammad.takdir upstream baru 2.22.0+dfsg-2
daluang daluang,13   9 years fajran Use svn trunk svn20080426
debootstrap debootstrap,11   9 years fajran Copy script from konde to lontara, instead of just symbolic link
docang-icon-theme docang-icon-theme,11   9 years fajran lupa mkdir
docang-theme docang-theme,9   9 years fajran Pisahkan berkas kode dan berkas debian
dodol-theme dodol-theme,8   9 years muhammad.takdir menambahkan panel_2.png
epiphany-browser epiphany-browser,2   9 years muhammad.takdir edit patches/07_bookmarks.patch
firefox firefox,28   9 years fajran Perbaharui upstream ke versi 3.0.3+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.8.04.1
fontconfig fontconfig,5   9 years mht * Sinkronisasi dengan rilis baru fontconfig-2.5.0-2ubuntu3
gdm gdm,31   9 years muhammad-takdir new upstream
gimp gimp,3   9 years fajran Add sharutils
gnome-control-center gnome-control-center,7   9 years belutz upstream baru
gnome-desktop gnome-desktop,7   9 years iang Update upstream to 1:2.22.1-0ubuntu1
gnome-icon-theme gnome-icon-theme,5   9 years che * Lontara release 1
gnome-panel gnome-panel,42   9 years muhammad.takdir update
gnome-session gnome-session,12   9 years iang Update upstream to
human-icon-theme human-icon-theme,14   9 years fajran BlankOnized?
indonesian-fonts indonesian-fonts,1   9 years mdamt Initial
kamonesan-gdm-theme kamonesan-gdm-theme,3   9 years fajran Change maintainer
kamonesan-icon-theme kamonesan-icon-theme,2   9 years fajran Change maintainer
konde-firefox konde-firefox,20   9 years muhammad.takdir new upstream
launchpad-integration launchpad-integration,5   9 years iang Update upstream to Update upstream to 0.1.19
lontara-gdm-themes lontara-gdm-themes,4   9 years muhammad.takdir diperbaiki
lontara-session-splashes lontara-session-splashes,7   9 years muhammad.takdir edit berkas upstream
lontara-wallpapers lontara-wallpapers,7   9 years muhammad.takdir Menambahkan kapal-pinisi.png dan kapal-pinisi-widescreen.png,33   9 years fajran Berkas "apply" belum diubah
panel-desktop-minimalis panel-desktop-minimalis,11   9 years mdamt gunakan schema siap pakai saja
panel-desktop-standar panel-desktop-standar,12   9 years mdamt Gunakan schema siap pakai
pidgin pidgin,5   9 years hakim pidgin 3
python-apt python-apt,12   9 years fajran Perbaikan salah tulis nama rilis
python-django python-django,3   9 years fajran Change maintainer
scim-tables-indonesian scim-tables-indonesian,2   9 years mdamt Updated dependency and added icon
system-config-printer system-config-printer,7   9 years mht * Sinkronisasi dengan paket terakhir: …
tango-icon-theme tango-icon-theme,2   9 years iang * Update upstream to 0.8.1-3 * Move to lontara * Reorganize …
tasksel tasksel,8   9 years muhammad.takdir update mythbuntu task
ttf-liberation ttf-liberation,3   9 years iang Update upstream to 1.0-0ubuntu1
ubiquity ubiquity,13   9 years fajran Masuk ke lontara-security
yelp yelp,12   9 years muhammad.takdir initial rilis

Kode Sumber Rilis 3 (Lontara)

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